1. The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic (the Federation), Prague, Czech Republic

  2. World Union of Progressive Judaism (World Union for Progressive Judaism - WUPJ), Jerusalem, Israel

  3. Dutch Humanitarian Fund (Dutch Humanitarian Fund - JHF) in The Hague, Netherlands

  4. Foundation for Holocaust Victims (NFOH), Prague, Czech Republic

  5. Ministry of Culture, Prague, Czech Republic

  6. The City of Prague, Czech Republic


Bejt Simcha is a non-profit organization, which offers its members, supporters and the public a wide variety of religious, educational and cultural activities. Your help is welcome. It could be financial and non financial (such as lecturers, rabbis, books, ritual objects, and so on).

Voluntary donations to support Bejt Simcha activities can be sent to the following bank account with different variable symbols, see bellow.
Please, contact us if you want to get written confirmation regarding your sponsorship.

Account Name: Bejt Simcha, Komercni Banka, Italská 2, Praha 2, 120 24, Czech Republic
Account number: 86-8959560207 / 0100
Variable symbols:
Maskil donation: 88888
Bejt Simcha membership: 44444 (600 CZK/year, students and seniors 300 CZK/year)
Bejt Simcha support: 99999

Please always indicate your name, so as we can assign the payment.


IBAN: CZ1201000000868959560207